Chris Anderson at AMA Expo 2013

Why I Quit my Job as Editor of Wired Magazine Chapter 1 of 5

The Opportunity to Make Military Drone Technology Available at Toy Prices - Chapter 2 of 5

The Open Source Web Innovation Model Applied to Manufacturing - Chapter 3 of 5

What We Learned from Creating DIY Drones and 3D Robotics - Chapter 4 of 5

The Bottom-Up Approach for Creating Personal Drones - Chapter 5 of 5

AMA Member Chris Anderson Q&A

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  • He says in that talk ETH doesn't receive a cut of the sales. Good deal for Chris & Jordi. They have a decent business strategy.

    I looked through the forums & didn't find a discussion on a consensus to focus on the ETH software & put APM features on top of it, or to ditch their software and stick in a flavor of the port made for a different STM32 board. It appears the main effort is going with the latter. One of the devs mentioned the idea of the former, but I didn't find much discussion on this.

    Since I'm not invested in old APM stuff--except for the shiny purple board I'm not going to use, & I'm not into ditching a perfectly good ground up re-write, this guy is looking like a better deal at the moment.

    git clone

  • > J "There's probably a better place to discuss these things than continuing to hijack this thread"

    Proper discussion never hurts for understanding =)

  • No doubt @jolly guy. However, I don't feel grumpy.

  • Moderator

    @J, then apologies to you.  But you're still coming across as a big grump! :-P

    Go here to see the forum categories, there should be one appropriate to your interests:

  • @Mark

    You are distorting my post beyond recognition. Nothing you said disqualifies the statements made. As a self described expert of sorts with friendly advice, why not address what I am saying specifically, rather than labeling as mis or under informed. I've already admitted to that much.

    Yes I know what an ESC is, yes I know what a controller is. No I don't believe myself to be educating the experts on Warthox--nice try. The point which you've paraphrased out of context was a note to @Jesper who asked me to elaborate on which german system I was speaking of. I referred him to this *system* which as of 1 month ago now includes an ESC which makes the overall system fly far superior to anything that he has demo'd before. This was in the context putting Android on top of something. See above, the thread which you believe you are referring to.

    If by not speaking my mind as to what I see will make things less informative or enjoyable, you are also incorrect. Attempts to suppress such informed or misinformed comment by experts is not going to make things less enjoyable for me. If I go poking around at stumps in the forest I anticipate a variety of creatures in response. No problem there. My request for the likes of yourself specifically, was for a more appropriate place to explore these questions than a hijacked thread. As a moderator I would have expected you to be the appropriate person to provide this pointer. No, "shut up noob" is not the place I'm looking for.

    "diydrones is not a site for 3DRobotics". Obviously, nor is it not a site for 3DRobotics. It is the most valuable resource that 3Drobotics is associated with. Ideally that leads to good stuff (versus bad stuff).

  • Moderator

    @J, you are misunderstanding what an ESC is.  In Warthox's video title, "mwc quad // ultraesc + x2208 #2", it's the MWC which corresponds to the APM.  Both are 8-bit, Atmel, Arduino based platforms.

    If your argument is "whatever warthox flies is the ultimate controller, because warthox is the ultimate pilot" then duh, everybody's known that for years!

    As a moderator here, I can assure you that diydrones is not a site for 3DRobotics, although they were both started by the same person (Chris).  Information about this site is here: .  3DR is in the process of moving their store to a new site as part of their expansion.

    And as some friendly advice, try not to make strong statements based on minimal or incorrect information, and this forum will be much more informative and enjoyable for you.

  • @F1P

    It's my understanding that the current situation is not satisfactory. The APM development was split when it was realized that it couldn't compete with the PX4, Revo, & others who refreshed their hardware. The split has already happened because the APM. Apparently there are paid developers now which should help move things along. I could certainly be wrong about all that having just recently attempted to assess the scene, but that's the way it appears to me. It's also the way it feels to me, being a sucka for shiny purple feature filled PCB's.

    "But OpenHW law regulation is very complicated things ... =)"
    I don't think it's so hard really. You just go with the stuff that works the best & is least secretive, & attempt to not re-invent the wheel too much.

    There's probably a better place to discuss these things than continuing to hijack this thread which I imagine is just pissing off the site's manufacturer. I do appreciate the news aggregation this site provides, & feel bad for being such a critical unproductive douche. Help the blind, anyone?

  • @Jesper
    re: the german connection
    Felix's ultraesc
    Note the stuff on active freewheeling

    Flight tests

    Clearly blows the APM out of the water. I would guess that the latencies in your rig wouldn't slow it down if carefully tuned. Seems to be an open question at the moment as most people are running super lean STM32 based machines & making guesses as to what more bloaty systems would do. Do you know what frequency your control loops are running? There's probably a thread somewhere here on discussing these sorts of things more appropriate than here...

    "according to the developer the latency time from signal input to signal output is around 35µs at 32khz motor pwm. [calculated value]
    20µs-110µs measured value. depending on state of signal output while signal input changes." (I'm likely mistaken, but I think your stuff lives completely outside of this inner loop)


    Hi warthox. Is it possible to use ultraesc settings on esc32 ? And if not, it feels a big difference comparing ultraesc to esc32 ? Thank you !

    warthox Plus 2 weeks ago

    what do you mean by using the ultraesc settings on esc32? ultraesc is a complete different esc. for the way i use and fly, i like the ultraesc more.

    "youll find all infos here:;
    for everything else google is your friend."

  • >J

    I guess that nobody wants split development of PX4-project now, and current situation fully satisfy all.

    But OpenHW law regulation is very complicated things ... =)

  • @J - sure is - and thanks - sounds interesting with the Felix guy, could you provide a bit more detail on where to find this german group?

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