Christmas in July

3689607077?profile=originalI recently received 2 products I'm excited to try out:

$30 FPV goggle from Hobbyking __Link


$100 Car starting battery/ground station power __Link

I wanted to start FPV with my tricopter but was not enthusiastic about spending the cash to do so. But hello...what is this? A cheap but nicely done FPV goggle? Yes I'll take that. I already had the camera and transmitters I bought with my APM from 3DR, but had no way to view it. Until now. The assembly was easy, just a little Elmer's glue here and there, and BAM... a cool little setup. I'll try to follow up with actual usage when I fly.

Need power for your ground station? Your car is dead because you left the radio on in your car as you jam to some tunes while flying? Have no fear! Juno is here! Lol, I actually saw this product announcement a while ago on DIYDRONES and pre-ordered it. Now that it's here I'm really impressed. It charges through an included car charger or usb. The output is either usb or 12V power port. It comes with some handy car charging clamps. I'm going to include it in my ground station so I don't need separate batteries, I'll just power it all from this guy.


PS I get no monies from either company, just wanted to share some cool products I'll use.

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  • hM...I wonder ca Junopower can be used as the main battery for our multis?

    6Ah at 200gr. so 5x6Ah=30Ah 1kg.can they be connected to series to make 6s batt?

    6S 15Ah at 1kg...woooow.........

    better weight to power ratio than any other LiPo...ussual LiIons can not produce more than 1 or 2 C(so it would be 60A but this one claim 300A so no problem)

  • Paul, I have the quanum diy gogles too, but the screen i very sensitive to my UHF (which is filtered). this in not the vRx issue, as with a regular 7" 28usd monitor off amazon and the same setup I can almost touch my UHF antenna and the vRx antenna and I will not get ANY interference. Can you check if it is the same with yours or i got a bad apple? 


  • Amazing price for what actually seems to be a serviceable FPV option.

  • FYI Bruce has also reviewed the googles


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