The VT-Naut is a VTOSL (Vertical Takeoff and Short Landing) fixed-wing drone, an innovative aerial solution meticulously designed to cater to diverse applications, including accurate mapping, surveying, inspection, scouting, observation, and agriculture, with a multitude of payloads that will be offered.

The VTNaut's uncluttered tail-sitter design embodies elegance and simplicity, ensuring optimal performance, unwavering reliability, and cost-effectiveness. This simplicity stands in stark contrast to the complexity and expense associated with alternative VTOL designs, avoiding "dead-weight" throughout its flight stages typical of other tilt rotors or multi-motor configurations.
Our two decades of experience operating fixed wing drones indicate that in over 85% of cases, there's ample space for a fixed wing UAV to execute a cost-effective belly landing.
Fixed wing VTOL drones are designed to survey very large areas, so finding an appropriate spot to launch and recover from is almost always easily possible. A "belly landing drone" translates into a lower cost drone design which directly benefits the user.
A vertical landing drone is seldom absolutely necessary unless operating in exceptionally confined spaces such as dense forests or heavily populated areas, and this ability comes at greater cost, both economical and operational. The VTNaut caters to those seeking a cost-effective alternative to a full VTOL platform, who has flexibility for site selection for landing the drone and who requires to survey very large areas.
Moreover, the VT Naut integrates sensors designed to facilitate pinpoint-accurate short landings, minimizing the required landing space.
Building on the success of our acclaimed Aeromapper Talon Amphibious, we have expanded our offerings to include an amphibian variant of the VTNaut, enabling safe landings on water, including saltwater bodies. This enhancement positions the VTNaut as the preferred drone for marine or shipboard applications.
• Indestructible materials: thanks to its EPP foam compact body design
• BVLOS: Beyond Visual Line of Sight capable thanks to its 30km data link range
• Multipayload: high resolution for mapping, 4k 3-axis gimbal and multispectral sensors will be announced very soon for the VT-Naut.
• Long Endurance: 90 min endurance. An even longer endurance version is currently in the works.
• Low cost: the VT-Naut will be offered at just a fraction of the cost of a conventional VTOL drones available.
• Remote ID equipped
• Transport Canada compliant status: the paperwork is currently being prepared to submission
• The VT-Naut has been tested for already for 2 years, and its backed by our more than 10 years of experience manufacturing survey grade fixed wing drones, which have been used in more than 60 countries.
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