Compact quadcopter with foldable frame and gimbal


Hello everyone. Long story short we are a small group of enthusiasts, who started to develop drones, payloads and accessories. Why we decided to do so? Because everything that were our there on the market was either too expensive or couldn’t satisfy our needs. We started with simple hobby equipment available online. Simple, but already tested before us. Because we needed to fulfil gap in number of drones really quickly we didn’t have enough time to jump in to the development of our own solution. Even though our first drones were not really good some of them are still operating after more then a year of service in really though conditions. About a year ago we started to develop of our own solutions. Right now we have a small UAV, a few gyro-stibilized platforms and a quadcopter. You can see all of them on our website ;
One of the things that we made from scratch is our quadcopter named PC-1 ( Foldable frame with integrated two-axis gyro stabilized gimbal with 10x EO day-view camera. 30 minutes fly time and 5 km range. Not much to tell about it. Simple and reliable. We crashed it a few times during tests. It felt from about 30 meters multiple times and all damages were only to props and gimbals. Probably this particular drone just lucky or because of the foldable frame it observes the force from the impact. We made a short video to show how it work. Hope you guys enjoy. If you have any questions just write in comments. Thanks.  
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  • What's the autopilot?

  • haha!

    Great design guys!

  • Pretty much, Alexsey. 

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