This is the third week of our autopilot precision series. In this series of articles / videos we test the precision of different drones / autopilots by flying them on a standard photogrammetry mission created in UgCS.

Last two weeks we published the results of DJI Phantom 4 and DJI Naza-M V2. This week we look at how well MikroKopter Quad XL performed on our route. MikroKopter is a well-established German company that has been making drone systems for a long time now. MikroKopter drones are quite popular in Germany and many other European countries as well as internationally.

We flew our MikroKopter Quad XL on the same photogrammetry route created in UgCS which we used for other drones and here is the video of the results:


Download the KML files and take a look at them yourself in Google Earth:

Get the newest version of UgCS here:

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  • On this week we will publish results for A2, next will be 3DR Iris + PX4.

    Also we plan to test Iris + ArduCopter and quad with Dropix (pixhawk-compatible controller) + ArduCopter.

  • Very interested to see the final results! Specialy APM vs DJI.

  • 3D Robotics

    Thanks for the update. I'm not surprised (my sense is that MikroKopter is very dated), but will be very keen to see the final results. Are you including any APM or PX4 copters in the test?

  • Hi, Chris! Comparing this MikroKopter Quad XL to Phantom 4, the Phantom beats it by a big margin. P4 flew very precisely with almost no deviations from the created route. But then again, it has to be taken into account that Phantom 4 is a newer model than the MikroKopter we used for this test.

    Once we have tested all of the drones, we will publish a comparison video / article where we will compare all of them together.

  • 3D Robotics

    What's the bottom line? How does it compare to Phantom 4? 

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