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Concept video for the ultimate drone service

We're not far from all this being possible (although legal or advisable is a whole other matter):

Gofor provides drones on demand. Using our mobile app, you can task a drone to complete a variety of helpful tasks. "Uber, for drones".

Drones are summoned much like taxis in other popular service apps. Your desired task is either noted at the outset using presets, or customized using voice commands. Once the drone arrives, your phone's flashlight is used to pair your device with the drone. From there, it depends on the task, the object-based UI is very easy to understand. 

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  • Finally!! A drone service that will help me stalk my ex wife

  • This has got to be the new Huvr vid right? 

  • I could swear that was Sen. Feinstien's window...

  • Not to mention the creep factor went through the roof when they showed the drone listening into what appears to be someone's home...
  • I'm usually the last person to be cynical about the future of UAVs, but this just sounds like another example of people looking to make money from the technology without really thinking through whether it's practical, safe, feasible or even sensible. Drones flying freely in controlled airspaces being tasked by civilians. Mmm.

  • Um, hello lack of obstacle avoidance? Power lines, trees, poles, buildings?

  • Excellent concept presentation ! 

  • Battery technology is still a major hurdle. A copter could not fly from SF to where he is standing in Marin Headlands and have enough juice to do it's task and then return.

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