Condition surveying with UAVs and Sputnik GIS

Spuntik GIS is widely used in condition surveying. Hi-definition 3D-models of buildings and constructions allows specialist to detect defects and deformations, more than, it is available to vectorize and save such areas using *.kml editor.  Therefore, the result of inspection is 3D-map of defects and deformations.

One of the leading project in this area for Geoscan is – condition survey of smokestacks. In this project, we use not only regular 3D-models of pipes with photorealistic textures but also 3D-models with thermal imagery textures.  This approach allows solving problems of pipe inspection very accuracy.

To make the process of inspection of high altitude objects easy, in Sputnik 1.3 we developed special navigation mode. Now the user can move along the wall of the structure along the vertical axis using first person camera mode or using combination of CTRL key and mouse wheel. To simplify the process of using aerial photos in object inspection, we released the feature of photo selection. Now you can select photos of point of your interest with just two clicks.

As additional option for this project, we released the feature of viewing DXF with raster underlay. Therefore, viewing of drawing of tube synchronized with its TLS model.

Try Sputnik GIS for your condition survey projects.

Trial version of Sputnik GIS 1.3 is available via this link:

Read more about Sputnik GIS 1.3 in our blog:

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