Confessions of a gadget addict...


I am probably going to get hate mail for this, but a clear warning to any future addicts needs to be made. So here goes.

I was doing some spring cleaning and those darn DIY gadgets just kept on coming out of the woodwork. I knew I had a lot of stuff lying around, but this time I even surprised myself. And this is just DIY/FPV/Autopilot electronics currently not installed in a project. I will not show the pile of unfinished projects like copters, planes, rovers etc. It's just embarrassing. And the is also a big pile of general R/C stuff like ESC's motors, servos,  gyros, receivers and such..

Anyways, there should be some well knows gadgets in this picture, and some not so well known ones also. Geek points to the first one to correctly identify them all, excluding the self made stuff that only I would know of.

Morale of the story? Get bigger storage boxes I guess..

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  • That'll be the ursus 2200mm. It's currently being repaired, the wing snapped at 200ft agl!
  • Haha! Even slightly worse than me. It gives good inspiration to have an "overview" over the available lab hardware, you know!

  • wow... how do yo ukeep your workbench so tidy?!

    Here's a picture of my lounge....


  • Developer

    @deadfalkon: I haven't done much with the PhoneDrone yet, but it was the first 3DR production board using the new 32u2 chip, so I used them to develop and test the new ArduPPM firmware.

  • @Wesley - lol :D

  • What are you doing with the PhoneDrone? Have you joined the mailinglist 

  • Now I know why these things are always out of stock...

  • wow, geek stuff, nice :)

  • Developer

    Randy, those mysterious clear boxes is a home made UHF long range RC radio system ( I used to fly FPV with, before I switched to a RMILEC UHF system.

  • I also am full of things ... I have to sell some material ...

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