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A number of people have expressed interest in building quads based on mine, and using my software.  In order to help get them set up quickly, I've started working on a real-time diagnostic and setup tool that interacts with my quad flight software.  My flight software looks like it'll be compatible with at least one commercial board (the HoverFly Sport) as we use the same MPU and gyro sensor, so you'll be able to buy their hardware and try my flight controls if you like.

Here's a quick preview of it - the programming is all working, but I have to test all the motor and gyro configurations to make sure I haven't messed anything up before releasing it.

I realize this isn't a new idea, but I figure there are a few people here who will be interested in this when it's ready.



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  • Eventually perhaps - it's a great idea, but at the moment my quad contains only a gyro.
  • Jason,

    Looks good. You might want to consider a Magnetometer calibration option as well.


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