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  • Just to use a minimal space once folded


  • Can someone explain to me why they got the front props facing down where,

    a) Will be more visible in the camera shot

    b) is less efficient

    c) Has more chance of hitting something when landing.

    I just don't understand this design and what advantages it brings to the table.

  • Sense and avoid on a $1500 uav?  Maybe the sonar version?

    I'm skeptical of a lot of these kickstarter claims.  So while I hope Gary's right and our case is richer, I don't think a bunch of cheap UAV's with no operator following people in skate parks/ski hills is what we need right now. 

  • Has anyone made more money on kickstarter than they did back when there were jobs?

  • Nice looking quadcopter with some interesting design features.

    I am still a bit skeptical of the eventual legal and safety aspects of the general population being encouraged to use follow me around quadcopters.

    But the fact of the matter is that those issues will eventually work themselves out and certainly our case will be richer for having both Airdog and Hexo+ in the fight.

    And they will certainly be in an even better position when we eventually get to the really tiny and intrinsically safe quadcopters which the FAA will have Damn little to say about (that anybody will listen to anyway).

    So, like Chris say's - Go teams!

  • Marvellous technological AIRDOG !

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