Every year Google proposes to fund students for the summer with its GSoC program, where open source organizations and students are announced  through a highly selective process. This year was the first time Ardupilot applied as its own entity, and Google just granted it  four student  positions. No doubt due in part to the high number of student proposals submitted to Ardupilot, and the high quality of many proposals.

This is great news for the drone and robotics community, professional companies, DIYers and professionals alike, and the open source world.  With lots of new development in perspective, adding to the already fast paced and steady stream of Ardupilot development and innovation. 

Congratulations to the student accepted, who will be individually mentored through the summer by some members of the development team. More information about the proposals and selected students can be found here.

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    That's fantastic.  One of my personal passions is working with students.  

    Back in 2014 I worked with some bright robotics / programming students on Project Ryptide, and it ended up attracting some international media attention.  These kids where still in High School.  

    Our project appeared on Fox News, Good Morning America, The Today Show, ABC World News and more than 100 other TV stations around the world.  Here are some links: 
    Project Ryptide was also used during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janerio

    Project Ryptide was included in Brendan Schulman's testimony to the US Senate Committee one the Future of Unmanned Vehicles on March 15, 2017
    I really love working with students.  
    Do you think Google might be interested in having me participate in this program?
    I did another project with some High School students back in 2007/2008 called Tooble.  It was the first program to let you download Youtube and other videos to your iPod - a year before the app store was opened.  
    We raised some capital from Angel investors, and then sold the company right before they went off to college (driving new cars from our windfall when we sold the company).
    One really bright kid was ready to take out student loans to go to University of Connecticut.  Instead he ended up getting a full scholarship to Carnegie Mellon University as a result of his work on Tooble.
    That brought me more satisfaction than any amount of money would have.  
    That's why I did Project Ryptide with another groups of students and the same teacher in 2014.
    I would LOVE to work on this program with young students interested in drones. 
    Any thoughts Olivier?
  • So in the fall of 2017 I look forward to doing a safe RTL with my Ardupilot mini gasser Chinook!

    After it has deployed a UGV, yes.

  • There you go Marc!  ;)

  • So in the fall of 2017 I look forward to doing a safe RTL with my Ardupilot mini gasser Chinook!
  • Brilliant news!
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