construction of the HEXA frame & camera mount

While still waiting for the TX/RX to arrive,

I started to design and build the HEXA frame for upgrade




each arm is made of 14x14mm 1mm wall square tube,

arm length: 40cm from center, 80cm from motor to motor.

center plate is 16cm dia., two 2mm thick plates.



Also, i have done weight calculations and measurements:


Frame: 470g

camera mount: 460g

motors: ~500g


DSLR camera: 950g

Lens: 550g

electronics (ESC, pilot, servos): ~500g estimated

For a breathtaking scary total of 3930 GRAMS


well, that scared me a bit, i will consider:

-drilling plenty holes in the arms and everywhere i can to take material off

-using a lighter DSLR (can save max 300g)

-using a smaller swivel plate for the camera mount (though the smaller ones have much smaller center hole, thus heavier)



here are a few pics of the construction:











If the motors will allow this and that beast will take off,

i will use a 8000mAh 14.8v battery, it's around 900gr



Still have to think about / order:

- wireless USB solution for connecting the DSLR to ground

-wireless video and cheap tiny camera

- try out HK's 9050 3-blades props if they are better than the jDrones 12x45

-design landing gear

-design a swivel mount for the camera yaw axis



Comments are appreciated !


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  • That explains the prop issue quite much. Still looking for first 1 bladed props to reach the market:

    Nightflyers prop tests

    That guy also has videos of one bladed helicopter.

  • yep, paralleling lipo's might be a good choice.

    i have the 12x45, why would be more economical than the 3-blades ?

    but before that, i have to see if it will take off with one lipo :)

  • That is some heavy beast. Flight times are going to be the biggest trouble. Even with 8000mAh I guess your flight times will be around 5 minutes. I suggest you go for two 4000-5000mAh(25C) lipos parallel. That way you will only have to replace one cheaper battery when they start to fail.


    You will need the bigger 12x45 props to have enough lift for stable flight. They also should be more economical than three bladed props.


    Will be looking forward to see the progress of the build.

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