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  • How much is it going to cost to get my hands on a lasercut plexiglass tracker?
  • I am more interested in the ArduStation housing... Would like to see one for it with a 3" video monitor for FPV type stuff.
  • Thanks for the tip Crossfire! Yeah, that's a lot of washers, could of used more but that's all I had on hand. I originally used a big hunk of chromed steel but wanted to be sure to use something everyone would have access to, hence the washers which would also allow for precise weight adjustment as the arms length could not be adjusted. I am sure that your Mountain View engineering would be just fine in San Francisco!
    (I will cut one out of wood next, think I'll call it the crossfire model)

    Varga, true, the tracking is for long range, the antenna mount is designed to take two antennas.

    Moril, I used a standard ball bearing servo for the tilt, that was the purpose of the counter weight, to allow for movement with very little force. The pan servo is a 360 degree sail winch servo, again the wheels carry the load so the servo only has to apply the turning force.
  • Instead of using 50,000 washers, you can get big metal things at Home Depot. Use them for etching & Dobson mounts.

    Obviously not engineered enough to quality for San Francisco.

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    Nice idea. Use a two antenna diversity system with one antenna being omni-bearing and the other being directed. The diversity controller would switch to whichever antenna had the best reception.

  • For this little guy: the developers used an ineresting idea:
    -when the UAV is out of the range of 100 m, the directed patch antenna is able to follow it with a very precise mechanism, no need for fast motion - concentrate on directional precision!
    -when inside the range of 100 m, they switch to an omnibearing antenna, within this small range the omnibearing antenna is effective enough. Don't care where the UAV is within this range.
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    :(=) , that is what I call home brewed tracking antenna, it can't get any better, Chris , any idea what servoos were used. I assime you need at hitech 8 k.g servos. i see the counter balance too, great CNC work it is, in any case it
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