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  • @Jani,

    You might beat them someday, but you'll probably need the $$$$ vicon motion capture system to do it - or design your own open source equivalent. Hmmm, now that's an idea! :-)

    - Roy
  • This has a lot of potential if they make an automatic docking system so they can connect directly to each other autonomously.

    I'd be interested to see if they can still achieve those aerobatic stunts from before, when they're locked into a formation.
  • Nice stuff, very inspiring!
  • They did something else to check this :
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    Oh whatta booring job they have.. I bet it's hard to find people working on that type of project. Who would really like to play all day along with flying devices :P

    These guys rock. Tho we will beat them ... someday .... (i hope)
  • Lets see...a passenger seat in the middle...
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    pretty slick
  • I wonder how many it would take to lift a human?
  • Thanks for posting this, Tim - you beat me to it!

    Here's their paper on the topic:

    (still waiting for the paper describing the work featured in Daniel's other video)

    - Roy
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