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  • Another idiot with a phantom :( 

    Why push the issue? Obviously this guy is trying to create friction.

  • did that guy ever hear of common sense?

    seems like he's looking for trouble, and if he gets what he's looking for it will probably affect a lot of people...

  • Ya . . . they can definitely bar a civilian from military space. I strongly suspect that includes the airspace above the base as well. 

  • Daniel Saulman sounds like a bit of a weirdo who obviously has an issue with authority. The Gardena Police Department should be commended for their level headed attitude towards him.
  • There are state bans right?

  • I think that a guy with a Phantom is pushing limits with these cops.

    For no obvious reason.

    There is no strict law today, but because of these events there will be simple all-out ban 

    just like with the national parks.

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