Copter frame assembly

OK so i got the frame parts and assembled it all...




APM and power distribution board:

the flat rainbow wire (black white gray purple blue) is from the power board, it carries GND, Left, Right, Front, Back.

i just used my own wire to have greater length and flexibility. i wanted the GND too because i will power the electronics with another BEC, not from one of the 4 ESC.




Motors mounted:





In the process of tidying the ESC wiring:





GPS mounted:





And finally the whole thing:





I'm still waiting for a few parts to arrive,

especially the radios, the video TX\RX as well,


and lots of parts for the DSLR camera mount i will just start to build.

soon on the way also - 2 more motors and ESC for the upgrade to a custom HEXA frame, on which the DSLR will be mounted on.


so the next post will probably be the camera mount building,

or maybe the first flight if i get the radio sooner than expected :-)

keep following !




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  • could you explain ? is it about them disconnecting ?


    indeed i plan on directly soldering the wires, but as i'm going to change from quad to Hexa, i've still kept everything.

    after i fly the quad a few times i will build the hexa frame for the heavy payload. then i'll solder everything

  • remove these bullet connectors, they are not good ;)
  • Thanks, probably, yes.
  • Distributor

    Nice!  cant wait to order mine... soon... really soon...

    Are you going to paint the arms to know what is front facing?

  • Looks really nice! Good Job!
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