copterLoader - firmware uploader


This program downloads precompiled firmware for the arducopter and automatically uploads it to APM. No need to install arduino, libraries etc.

Hopefully this program will make it easier for those of you who fly the arducopter, but don’t have an interest in programming. Using this program you don’t have to install arduino and build the code yourself.

Right now I only uploaded one version (version RC02) of the code. This is the one I'm flying. Nothing extra (gps, mag +++). If people like it I will upload more. And the user can chose witch one to download right in the software.

Remember this is the alpha version, so there might be some bugs. Please give me feedback (bugs or suggestions)


You can downloade it at

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  • Interesting idea.


    But how will someone make minor changes to configuration?  Like enabling XBee or Magnetometer?


    Of all the DIY assembly and setup, I found the Arduino portion the easiest.. install software, unpack RC2, Upload.

  • Thanks, looks like a nice tool.
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