counter rotating motor and prop set

this is a wonderful counter rotating BLDC motor and prop set ideally suited for planes between easystar and skywalker because of small footprint for the power equivalent 30xx size motors. it delivers 270 watts with 3S Lipo. the mounting would be bit tricky though. never tried but would order soon. very useful because prop diameter has to be restricted on pusher prop aircrafts with tail boom below the prop. once i get mine would put the performance parameters on the same blog. available at


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  • i didn't know, magnetic filings, were combustable or more toxic than regular metal shavings.

  • Am I correct in thinking that the noise is horrendous?

  • very cool, very cool

  • It needs only one ESC. both the motors are internally wired so that they both rotate in opposite direction with one ESC. i think a simple but a brilliant idea by the designer.

  • i like this motor but the website does not say if it needs 1 or two ESC's i am assuming it needs two,  but can anyone confirm this for me?

  • Looks fun, I would love to see the real world performance specs when you get it tested!

  • I use about a year ago.
    There is no reactionary torque.
    Is my favorite.
  • I bought this motor about a year ago for a scratch built plane. It gave it a nice look worked well enough for what I wanted but the quality was a little lacking. The biggest issue were the small gauge wires that eventually just broke. They almost seemed to small for the current running through them. Just a heads up.


    However, even with its faults it was enjoyable to see it run. :)

  • i think you can easily flip the props for using as pusher prop version. the spinners would take the flipped props. i have tried it on a normal spinner of the same size.  in the pic below is example of flipped prop in a normal spinner which i am flying.3692292132?profile=original

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    Now if they would just release an ArduCopter version.................:)





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