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  • In the Oregon bill, we really take issue with how "drone" is defined and feel that it is too far reaching. It has the potential criminalize RC hobbyists, FPV flying and so on. 

  • I signed. 

    Florida has a bill too but is aimed at law enforcement and Gov. I agree with it !

    Some are good! 

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    We need to stick together in situations like this.. I have already signed the petition and hope others will do the same..

  • You can help us out by signing our petition opposing Oregon Senate Bill 71.



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    ouch here we go... let's see if that starts to spread

  • This sort of idiocy will have to sort itself out. People fear our "big brother" toys. In the mean time, fly safe, demonstrate legitimate applications, remain positive and engaged in legislation. If you need to spy on your neighbor sunbathing, do us all a favor and tape your camera to a stick. :-)
  • Thanks for picking up this story. I work at ATI and we have put together a petition to try and end this bill before it gains any momentum and moves into the Oregon House. Keep in mind similar legislation is currently being introduced in 11 other states. This bill is horribly written and puts the entire RC community in jeopardy. Please sign our petition against Oregon Senate Bill 71, you do not need to be an Oregonian to help. And check out whats going on in your state as well. Thanks,

    John Van Gieson

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