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Current standings in the T3 contest

With just two weekend still to go in the T3 Contest, here are the latest standings. Paparazzi is in the lead, but we have practically every other hobby-grade autopilot represented, including ArduPilot, AttoPilot, PicoPilot, FlexiPilot, and even the rarely-seen CropCam's MP 2028. The 60 second mark has been broken, and one clever entrant (Krzysztof Bosak) has even used music from the band T3 in his video to win extra points from the judge/contest co-creator (Gary Mortimer). Just a reminder that everyone (any autopilot/aircraft) is free to enter but please read the rules about the evidence you have to submit (track on a map, KML file and video). Also, anybody can enter as many times as they want, so if you weren't happy with your first run, try, try again! The final day for entries in Aug 31s, and winners will be announce on Sept 1. The next contest will also be announced on that day.
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    Put a fast enough motor/battery in an EasyStar and you can go 60mph. Just wait until somebody pulls out a Funjet. With a 5/4Hz GPS you're pretty much just limited by airframe dynamics.
  • I don't know how you guys are doing this so fast. I ran a circuit on my emulator at 60MPH and it took 40 seconds.

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