Dashboard for Agriculture Drone Data: Early Preview


First I would like to Thank you to this wonderful community here, who have helped us learn latest and greatest about drones, agriculture in specific. Past several months team at Harvesting have been working on building a innovative dashboard for farmers, to provide them data driven insights. This dashboard is now available for early preview for this group and would like to get your feedback. Tell us how we can make it better My email is ruchit@harvesting.co

How to sign-up for free public preview?

Visit http://www.harvesting.co and click on 'free trial' button

What functionality this solution have currently?
Once you sign-up for free trial, you would be able to :
  1. Upload and manage NDVI, Ortho processed imagery from drones.
  2. Create time series of your imagery to see how its changing over the period of time.
  3. View satellite image of your farm.
  4. See hyper-local historical weather information as well seven days forecast.
  5. See water-stress in your area (mostly useful for rain harvested farms)
  6. Analyze crop-growth for following supported crops Barley, Canola, Cotton, Oat, SugarBeet, Sunflower, Wheat, Corn
  7. See soil information, a pie-chart which shows what type of soil you have on your farm.

What functionality coming in future?

There is a lot in our pipeline, but our primary focus would be to make it easy for agriculture drone operators/farmers to easily manage and share their data online and get meaningful insights on click of the button. Some of things we are exploring includes auto-detection of certain pests, digital classification, detailed field health reports, etc.

Thank you so much again, please visit http://www.harvesting.co and sign-up for free trial. Keep your feedback coming.


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