Data Bus mbed baseboards: Tindie Fundraiser


Data Bus mbed baseboards are now available on Tindie as a fundraiser! I figured maybe some folks wanted to experiment with their own algorithms and want a head start on their 2014 AVC ground vehicle entry. :)3689524829?profile=original

I ordered a very small run from OSHPark (hopefully they arrive before June 8, but if not oh well), but will order more as needed.


  • Three UART ports, one 3.3V, two 5V, series resistor protection
  • Five I2C ports, all 3.3V
  • ESC and steering Servo connector
  • Dual wheel encoder port
  • Port for 3 buttons (onboard UI)
  • Onboard 5V regulator powered by ESC 6V BEC powers 5V UARTs
  • Separate mbed supply rail to keep noise out of your GPS.
  • Filtering / bypass caps

If there's enough interest I'll add some additional features.

This baseboard is in its fifth revision (version 4 was onboard when Data Bus took 3rd in the 2012 AVC).

Just get an mbed, load it up with my code ( and here), add an L3G4200D gyro, Venus or uBlox GPS, wheel encoders.

On Data Bus I run external power supplies, a separate encoder schmitt trigger board, a safety cutover so I can take control of the robot during testing, and I also run a Venus GPS, Pololu MinIMU-9 (for x axis gyro).

All the code is open source:

Data Bus source code repository

AVC2012 code on

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