Day 1: the Noomie [read "New Me"] LOL

Ok, SO...Thanks to Gary for flipping the switch in my slogging grey matter...

All future Blog Posts will be about my search and acquisition of a trainer that is suitable for me. There will be no questions (from me) here...

I'm off to the forums now...

Day 1


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  • I'm looking into meeting is in March so I may attend and check it out. Its a bit pricey to join this club, but for access to a flying field when I am serious about this as a full-time interest it would be worth it.
  • Have you considered joining a model airplane club? The one in my town walked me through the process of learning to fly and even provided me with a trainer plane to fly with the instructor (but all the instructors worked at Hobbico so that might have been a special thing). I would definitely go talk to your local club and see what they have to say.
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