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  • I have a friend who fly's medium size helis.

    Whenever he is flying I am standing well and directly behind him.

    And I wouldn't be even that close if I didn't trust him as a competent heli pilot.

    Those blades carry a tremendous amount of inertia and if they get loose they can go straight through you.

    And the inertia they carry while flying is potentially completely lethal.

    That said, multirotors are dangerous too and the bigger they are and the sharper their carbon fiber props the more dangerous they are.

    For the big ones, the term flying lawn mowers truly fits.

    At this point in the game multicopters are all fly by wire and that is actually a safety factor that makes them generally easier to control than a lot of the helis out there which are manual or gyro only control.

  • I have only flown smaller helis (maybe 300 size?) and I was not that scared of the blades as they seemed very light. But on any crash the heli seemed to dismantle itself from the kinetic energy.

    Are the blades from 600 and up helis pretty heavy?

  • Multi is still dangerous, but not as much as a heli.  It's an odds thing... I'd think a 600 is 75% likely to kill you if it hit you.  A multi less than 5% unless it was falling directly on your head from 100 feet up.

    It's like the difference between crashing on a motorcycle, or in a car.  Both *could* kill you, but one is much more likley.

  • Admin

    Multi  = multi times the danger however the  props being much smaller carries less energy when it encounter body parts like finger  or head. So fatal it may not be in most case still is dangerous IMHO.

  • A good friend of mine was learning to fly a TRex 600 I think when it crashed.  The blades snapped off and cartwheeled through the air to embed into the door of his barn... right next to his young daughter who had been watching from a distance.  

    Thankfully, nobody was hurt.  He doesn't fly big helis anymore.

  • Oh my...  scary stuff.  Man...

    I've seen so many arguments about relative safety of multi-rotors vs. helis.  Too many heli pilots will argue that a multi is just as dangerous as a heli, but it just isn't true.

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