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Eqquera+uav.gif?width=202Part of a report on the AUVSI show by the Robot Report. Also check out this NPR radio report on the same trend.

Here are a few of the companies transitioning to the civilian marketplace:
  • AeroVironment's has repurposed its Qube portable UAV for use in public safety applications such as law enforcement and first response. The system provides a portable aerial vantage point to help public safety workers perform their duties more safely and effectively.
  • Canadian start-up Eqquera demonstrated their novel and creatively designed UASs for forest fire fighting and nuclear and arctic surveillance. (shown at right)
  • HDT and The Johns Hopkins University presented their MK2 robotic arm for rehab purposes and a two-armed version with significant torque and lift capabilities for general purpose shop and factory work.
  • i2Tech, one of many electronic and vision systems providers at the show, has a line of light weight, low-power, stabilized camera and thermal imaging systems for health care, industrial testing and surveillance.
  • Both Kairos Autonomy and Brock Technologies have low-cost kits which are able to convert any existing ground vehicle into an unmanned system and Autonomous Solutions just received a patent for a kit-based autonomous clip-on tethered unmanned convoy system.
  • Israel's RoboTeam's multi-purpose line of mobile tactical ground robots were described as solutions for homeland security and public safety.
  • MDL's displayed their tiny 43-gram USB-powered micro laser module for distance metering.

  • Many additive 3D printing systems had booths and showed how their machines were able to work with exotic metal substances and to provide specialized capabilities well beyond the MakerBot 3D printers we all know and love:
  • Finally, TOR Robotics provided a long list of civilian uses for their quad-copter that are also valid for the whole UAS industry:
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