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  • @Andrew_Rabbitt: Good point. :) I totally agree.

  • @Vladimir: You are right. We probably should have said "sketch." In fact, we'll change that on the video title. Once the analysis is linked up, it will be a real design tool.

  • @Justin and @Andrew_Murphy, The analysis is coming soon - hopefully very soon. Looking forward to having it up and will definitely post it when I do. You mentioned the gravity indicator and stability. What other features would be "nice?"

  • it is a challenge .   but of course if its a conventional or flying wing design it should be fast.

  • I can't for the life of me figure out why you'd only want to spend a minute designing an aircraft.
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    Sketch. No a design. 

  • works nice. :)

  • I agree a stability analysis component to this program would be nice. I like the stl exporting feature but you can also do this stuff with xflr5, avl and solidworks and also output the necessary stability derivatives. It's a great program no doubt, but when can we see a full suite version?

  • Does the software offer any analysis capabilities?  An ideal center of gravity location indicator would be nice. 

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