Free Webinar: Developing code for the APM


On Monday July 16th 2012, at 5pm Pacific Time,I will be hosting a 90min webinar on Developing for the APM. 

Guests will include several members of the development team and from 3DR.

The webinar will cover some of the following topics, time permitting (we may have to split it into two webinars):

Part A

  • Setting up a development environment on Windows, Linux or Mac
  • Getting the code (download and git)
  • Compiling the code for different configurations

Part B

  • A guided tour of the code, explaining how different pieces fit together
  • From idea to running code - code, compile, test, document, create a patch and submit for review (for a bug or feature)
  • Developer support tools: autotest, autobuild, SITL, HIL, jenkins

If you would like to attend this webinar, please respond here:

(this is a courtesy RSVP so we can evaluate attendance - the meeting is open to all anyway)

If you cannot attend on this day or at this time, use the link above to tell us a better time/day for the next webinar!

TO JOIN THE WEBINAR (on the day of the webinar)

Go to:  

For audio, join by Internet or using one of the international phone numbers:

Internet: Click the telephone icon on the webinar screen (URL above)

Telephone: Click on the telephone icon to see a list of numbers. Or see the FAQ:

There are phone numbers in about 30 countries. 


To get the most value out of the webinar it is suggested that you read the wiki (especially the Appendix) and have the latest Arduino IDE (1.01) and a copy of the source code. You also must have at least a basic understanding of programming languages, but you do not need to be a programmer (this is for all levels of experience)

Comments and feedback appreciated. 

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  • Just watched off utube (thanks YureZzZ)

    Really great guys, pictures and the spoken word really do aid understanding. 

    These webinars' will be something I'll really look forward to, and a huge thanks to the Dev's who commint their time to offer insight.


  • Developer

    WJT, not true, you can develop just as easily on the Arduino IDE on Windows, or on Linux. I used Eclipse for the demo because it makes it easier to flip between files and find things, that's all...

  • Great webinar Andreas! Even though I missed the main event, I cranked up 2 computers (one for the utube that Mark & YureZzZ did and another to mimic the instruction, while pausing to review, etc.). Even though I have a much better understanding of the APM code, I need to flow chart the sketches, convert the audio to written form, then maybe after a lot of head scratching, sleep deprivation, lots of strong coffee, and divine revelation, I'll be able to follow it well enough to ask intelligent questions about it. Bottom line, one is really at a disadvantage if one does not use eclipse, i.e if one really wants to contribute meaningfully to the code, a mac is a must.
  • Dear friends, I am a little bit confused, and maybe you have already talked about this topic, but I have a question.  ROBOTC ( is now compatible with arduino, so does it mean that it is possible to use ROBOTC as a developing environment for APM2?  Thanks for your reply.

    Santiago :: Home of the best robot programming language for Educational Robotics. Made for NXT pr…
    ROBOTC is a robot programming language for NXT programming and VEX programming.
  • I just wanted to say thanks to all of the developers for hosting this webinar.

    I am posting in this thread, since I suspect there are probably other developers trying to get an environment configured after the Webinar.

    On slide 9, a minor change is that in order to get you need to run "make configure".

    I am able to build with Eclipse on Mac (and also command line), but the IDE editor window shows a bunch of errors. Any suggestions on what I might have missed configuring would be appreciated.

    For instance, in ArduCopter.pde, the 1st error is:

    Multiple markers at this line - The type 'FastSerial' must implement the inherited 

     pure virtual method 'Print::write' - Type 'FastSerialPort0(Serial)' could not be resolved

    Following into the FastSerial.h, the editor doesn't seem to recognize "uint8_t". 

  • Video uploading at the moment. Will be available here YouTube in 1-2 hours.

  • Awesome webinar, Andreas and team. I'm new here (with a Windows computer), but I'm experienced with Eclipse, and I love how you addressed all the users and their needs. It was also really informative and a very well done presentation overall. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  • 3D Robotics

    It was great Andreas and a lot was covered. Maybe it would be useful for future webinars to focus on smaller chunks of the code. I watched it at work with Sam and we both really enjoyed it. Congrats!! and thank you

  • Developer

    The presentation used at tonight's webinar:

    The presentation is full of links to the software and wiki instructions you need

    Developing on the ardupilot-mega - July 16 2012 Webinar
    Developing on the ardupilot-mega
  • My recording has almost perfect audio and some delay with video. Rendering as we speak. Will be uploading when it's done. My ISP is not fast these days, so it will take some time.

    Definitely, there should be next time(s)! Big ups!

    SITL, from idea to code (mostly interested in GIT clone's)

    Other feedback - we definitely need a huge banner saying that users must mute their microphones first!

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