This was expected after drone privacy debates has become mainstream. And I expect there will be more and more such kind of devices in near future.

I think this is not yet fully developed to be commercialized from technical characteristics point of view. 


"System Specification

The Primary Command and Control Module can typically communicate with nodes up to 200 feet away. 

Each Detection Sensor Node can typically detect drones within 50 feet in all directions.  Frequency detection range is 1MHz - 6.8GHz." 

From 50 feet away you can hear it :). ... for triangulation, I think 50 feet is too short.

Maybe now, small radar kits such as MIT Coffee Can Radar (I mean modified smaller version), Radarduino for private use will be more popular (because of their 1km detection range??).

What do you think guys?

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  • Wow, an incredible 50 foot range of detection. Inside the 50 foot area you can hear the quad (like a flying lawnmower) and outside it's useless. I'm impressed that they duped 18 people into backing that garbage.

  • Moderator

    @oliver - yes, and maybe they even hijack your wireless network when you're not looking and infect all your friends with mysearchdial malmare or some such thing.

  • On a more serious level, I've been wanting to test if simply hovering a large copter over top of another one, would force it to ground.  I think it would.

  • @Oliver - that is not a rumour, it is the absolute truth. Get the memo yesterday....didn't you?

    @Yeah Rob, anti-dronedetector-gun...I like that. Go and paint the system a different colour every week using paintballs:)

  • I really like Robs idea for a perimeter drone defense system, now if we can just get the paint balls to be accurate enough to hit the camera lens.

    Or maybe the drone on drone defense system he suggests above.

  • @Rob, It'll be a drone-eat-drone world out there. 

  • They will be in a perpetual state of alarm from every cellphone, WiFi router, Bluetooth device and cordless phone within their range of detection.  Brilliant.

  • @Bill:  Heh heh, let's start a rumor that these detectors are actually NSA-designed devices that attract the real drones - the ones too high to be seen or heard - to monitor people who apparently have something to hide. Releasing them via Kickstarter, you see,  is an obvious ploy to make them appear innocent.

  • I should put the paintball sentry system on this thing:

    And kickstarter it.  Can hire it out as an anti-drone system for special events like celebrity weddings, etc. ;)

  • Hahaha. 

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