Although LED strip lighting looks more spectacular, I couldn't help but notice these little lights the other day when I was nosing my way through the aisles at Home Depot. They are called Dot-Its, by Sylvania. They are meant to be decorative note-holders, lit with SMT LED's and powered by a lithium disk cell.


These lights are really quite bright, and you can select a steady or blinking mode. They have an adhesive backing, but they also have strong magnets in them, and cling to the screw heads beneath the motors without falling off.


The pack of four cost just $ 10.00 (CAD), and although the cells would probably cost a lot to replace, it wouldn't take much to wire them in permanently with the appropriate resistors.



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Comment by Michael Pursifull on September 27, 2011 at 11:52pm

Dot-it is a whole like of LED lights from Sylvania ... many are heavy (~3 oz) 


I have never used them myself, but I gather that the Dot-it "checkers" is the model most appropriate for use in this way, in case someone else is looking for them. You can find them even cheaper than at Home Depot, but I did not want you buying a different version from what John is describing and then thinking poorly of him when your 4" diameter, AAA powered, non-magnetic LED disks show up, weighing in at just under a pound ;)

Comment by John Hudson on September 28, 2011 at 5:59am

Thanks for clarifying that, Mike. The guys I picked up are very small, only an inch in diameter.


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