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What's LinkedIn you may be asking yourself?!

LinkedIn is a social networking website for students, and people in every occupation.  You can connect and social network with all sorts of people that are professionals in your industry or field of study.

What kind of members on could benefit from connecting with fellow Diy Drones Members?!


  • Student's aged 16-50+ can benefit from it because they can connect with people and find jobs, internships, and create relationships with people who will hire you or connect you with people who will
  • Professionals in every industry (Robotics, Engineering, Biology, Agriculture, etc) can benefit from all the connections with possible interns and potential employees

Connect with me on LinkedIn and I will go through your Diy Drones Profile and view the content you have submitted (Discussions, Blogs, responses) and endorse all the skills that I think you possess.  I'm very passionate about how much LinkedIn can help all my fellow Diy Drones members.  So I'm willing to volunteer a lot of my free time to help Diy Drones members set up professional looking LinkedIn profiles and help you connect with the type of people that you need to become successful in whatever industry that you're in.  You can connect with me on LinkedIn by Clicking on the link at the top of the blog or the LinkedIn Button at the top.


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  • Developer

    @Josh: I doubt that you can link endorsements to job opportunities. Since being hired in junior positions a hiring manager is looking more at academic accomplishments, area of knowledge, enthusiasm, communication skills. And confidence in talking about the technical area they know and what don't know in an interview. Endorsements as indicator of depth of knowledge in a subject is what I mean about why I think they become worthless.

    Endorsements are like the 30 keyword points that people post on top of there CV, so recruiters put them forward for jobs they may like.

    Other than that. LinkedIn is great for connecting with recruiters. It helps you to get linked to the jobs that really are interested in. And that all comes from having a great write up of your interests, with your resume information. If you have a recommendation posted against one of your jobs, like an internship, it priceless.

  • @Billy,  I have roughly 10-12 friends who got great internships, jobs while in college in their industry, and also jobs right away after college using LinkedIn endorsements.  If you can build a relationship with someone very influential aka Chris Anderson :) and other people in your industry their professional endorsements of skills they see you possess is huge for employers to see.

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    That was me.:-)


    TCIII Admin

  • Thank's sooooo much to whoever fixed the button below the My Linked in button.  I was trying to link it to the DIY Drones LinkedIn group! :)

  • Admin


    I have started a discussion on the LinkedIn DIY Drones Group that promotes the possibility of starting a winter version of the Sparkfun AVC here in Florida when the rest of the country is snowed in.:-)


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • Moderator

    I think this chap has some good ideas for LinkedIn More LinkedIn fire here

    It would be great to see more folks on the official DIYD group contributing more. I certainly see many folks clicking through from LinkedIn to sUAS News. 

    Chris is one of their influencers

  • Developer
    IMHO, i think this is another example of how linkedIn endorsements are useless. The recommendations are much better, as it requires effort for people to describe why working with somebody was great experience. Endorsements have no barrier to give. LinkedIn actively pesters people to endorse. People just click away.

    I was discussing this just last night with a friend, and hiring manager at a very large local games company, and he said the same. Which means, people hiring don't see value. We agreed that we think linkedIn will potentially drop the feature.

    I'll definitely sign-up for the DIYDrones group, though, thats great use on linkedIn

    We have local group for British Columbia here
  • Very unprofessional picture. Maybe ok for a dating site...
  • Moderator

    Yes that was set up last year....

  • Admin


    Nice find. I just joined the DIYD Group.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

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