DIY Drones live chat/podcast Sunday. Guest: Steve Morris of MLB

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Tomorrow (Sunday) night we'll do our regular podcast, which everyone here is welcome to participate in by listening to the chat live above and commenting and asking questions via the DIY Drones chat function. We'll be starting an hour early, at 8:00 PM PST, so I can catch yet another redeye to the East Coast :-(

This week we'll by joined by Steve Morris, CEO of MLB, a long-time UAV leader. MLB is a pioneer in small (well, big to us, but small compared to a Predator), inexpensive UAVs, such as the BAT 4 (below) and V-BAT (right) platforms.

Other themes in the podcast will include:

--Obama highlight Blimpduino!
--Getting ready for the next Sparkfun autonomous vehicle competition
--The latest on the DIY Drones dev team progress
--Favorite blogs posts of the week
--And whatever other cool stuff comes up!

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