DIY Drones mentioned on The Daily Show

3689499138?profile=originalAssociate Professor  of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT Missy Cummings dropped a line to DIY drones on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight, not necessarily the most direct mention but she said "you can go to Do It Yourself Drones dot com and build your own..." to watch the whole episode, the interview is a bit interesting on military aspects of drones.

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  • Great to hear the 'shout out' on the Daily Show for DIYdrones.  I agree there are many issues to consider to reduce 'nefarious' use of the technology (as John Stewart called it). 

  • It was a little disturbing that they mentioned using them to deliver anthrax. All we need is a bunch of psychopaths joining this hobby.

  • I was thinking the exact same thing apocolipse!  Once they come here and see for themselves they will understand fully how good of a community we are.  I accepted a lot of new account requests last night that said they heard of it from The Daily Show.

    Editor of DroneCafe - The Daily Cup - Joshua Johnson

  • I agree, and as happy as I was to hear our community mentioned on The Daily Show (which i watch... Daily...)
    It was with a bit of malcontent as to how she spoke of DIYDrones.  The second time she mentioned she noted "anyone can go to do it yourself drones and make one of these and attach a weapon or XXX"
    I do wish the mainstream media would see the /actual/ side of our community, which is just a bunch of nerds that like making things that fly by themselves... But any PR is good PR right?  People can come here and see for themselves

  • This is awesome!!!! I love Jon Stewart he's beyond funny.  It makes me emotional with joy to see being mentioned on main stream media and news a lot lately.

    Editor of DroneCafe - The Daily Cup - Joshua Johnson

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