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DIY Drones now at 7,000 members!

Today we hit another milestone, with 7,000 members. Over the past year, traffic on DIY Drones has grown more than 3x, from an average of 5,000 page views per day a year ago, to 18,000 today, with a current average of 5,000 vistors per day. We are adding 1,000 members every 70 days, or an average of 14 a day, a pace that is speeding up. At this rate, I expect we'll end 2010 with around 15,000 members, which is kind of awesome. Thanks all!
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  • 3D Robotics
    We're hosted on Ning. They can handle anything we can throw at them...clouds rule!
  • lets just hope its not 7000 UAVs in the air, that would cause great problems.
  • What kind of hardware is DIY Drones running on? Will it be up to it? :)
  • Moderator
    In some ways amazing in others not ;-)
  • Developer
    That graph need some filtering. ;-)
  • Admin
    Congrats :)
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