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A few updates on where we stand on various projects: --ArduPilot: Our second production candidate is now being fabbed. Fingers crossed this one works (it should!). The software is close to ready and I can see us opening up for orders within a month. Ground station software is in alpha. --BlimpDuino: The final production candidate is in the hands of beta testers. The software is done. Now just preparing to turn our hand-assembled one-off kits into something we can mass produce. If you're a university professor or student in an engineering program and are interested in participating in an aerial robotics contest, PM me here and I'll try to get you a beta unit. --ArduPilot Pro: This autopilot, which has stabilization and navigation combined, needs to be more heavily flight-tested before releasing. I think we're looking at Q1 of next year.
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  • 3D Robotics
    Given that ArduPilot is not a working autopilot (it requires you to buy other pieces, such as a FMA Co-Pilot and a GPS module), we think we can ship internationally. But if our lawyers disagree, we may arrange for a European retailer to sell it.
  • Chris,
    will you be able to ship ArduPilot to the UK without an import licence and all that nonsense?

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