Hello All,


I have the great privilege to have a vodcast tonight at 16:00 pm UTC Time (12:00 pm New York, 17:00 pm UK time, 18:00 pm Swiss/S. Africa time) with two of the founding members of ConservationDrones.org, Lian Pin Koh (Lian Pin is a conservation ecologist) and Serge Wich (Serge is a primate biologist).


So please join our live vodcast today on google hangouts and if you have not added diydronestv@gmail.com to your google circles do it now to assure you get an invite. I will start sending out all of the invites at around 15:30 pm UTC.


The interview will be on our YouTube channel for you to watch over and over.



Hope to see you


Lian Pin Koh

Serge Wich

Simon Wunderlin

Brenden Duffy

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