Hi there, another update on the blog I wrote last week which showed how to make a cheap ($50) wireless fpv monitor. This week, I updated to show how to convert the cheap hacked together wireless monitor, and using a cheap $2 fresnel lens we can make immersive goggles, either by cutting up cardboard and fixing with sticky tape, or buying a head mount like in this right image. The head mount is still pretty cheap at £14.05 but in the spirit of DIY, I suggest making your own

Update is at the bottom of the blog article. Hope this helps and inspires some peeps.

Article here: http://dalybulge.blogspot.co.uk/

Happy flying :)

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  • Liu, if you just want 3D, you can try this camera: here

  • Interesting app, not sure about mounting a smartphone to a copter, i'm thinking something along the lines of a small ip camera. Something that can capture 2.4ghz video, and stream to another device that then performs the stereoscopic render +plus the headtracking calculation (for example. a fairly powerful laptop with the headtracker connected to the laptop

    Just thoughts.

  • Petr:I know 3D vision is a historied technology,I mean can we use it in FPV

  • is it this link?

    WiFiFPV - Apps on Google Play
    Tired of carrying heavy equipment to the flying field? WiFiFPV gives you an easier way to enjoy First-Person View(FPV) flying with simple On-Screen D…
  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com. macaca.wififpv&hl=en

    You may find this useful Ben, I have reached to the developer to update a few things, they were very eager to help with changes...
  • Video:

  • pic 2:


  • pic 1:


  • cool Project, I`m working on something like this - combining a 5.5" 800x600 LCD + 5,8Ghz RX + OSD
    I have a 3D printer, so I plan to design and print the "housing".

  • Very Nice Ben, your finds rock!

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