DIY Ghetto Mapping Project


(my image: 2015)

Yesterday, I finally felt happy enough with my first mapping experiments to share my ideas, experiences and results with you. I was a little bit apprehensive at first; the prospect of adding gps location information to a non-gps camera seemed too daunting a task for me. But I persevered and got results. I'm starting to love and rely on Mission Planner more & more these days. It's just got so much tucked away in there.


(Google earth: 2003)

Anyway, if you would like to read and see what I managed to create please take a look at my blog here:

With my new ability to have gps referenced photos, I learned that it is possible to attempt 3D mapping (using a trial of Agisoft).

However, my computer didn't enjoy the experience. It basically collapsed on the couch, opened a beer, and told me to take a hike. I don't blame it as it was new in 2003.

There is a sweet little infographic on the blog I discovered earlier in the week:


Please let me know some thoughts, and possibilities. I'd be very grateful for input & improvement.
Thanks for reading.

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  • Great job and blog post!

    Do you think it's possible to extract images from a video?

  • Moderator

    Great work as ever Ben

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