DIY Reflow Soldering - Ready for Pizza?


Solder yourself in a pizza oven! While we're still waiting for the last quotes to get pxIMU ready for the batch production, we'd like to share how we build the prototypes ourselves. Of course pxIMU will come fully assembled, this guide is just intended for those who want to tinker with their own electronics or want to assemble one of our bare PCBs.

It is actually quite easy and cheap, and all you need is a pizza oven and an oven thermometer. We are already working on the new pxServo board, which will have servo outputs on standard servo ports and a connector for the ArduPilot / DIYDrones GPS modules. It will be also available with a 5V / 2.25A (12.5W) power module mounted, but still be smaller than pxPower. This combination should satisfy all user needs. This tutorial was written with delicate ICs like gyroscopes, accelemeters and magnetometers in mind. We had good success and zero failure so far with the temperature curves from our tutorial.
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