DIY Transistors and OLEDs on a Makerbot

3689381979?profile=originalFrom MrKimRobotics: When you can print electric traces and semiconductors, a lot of things change.  Obviously, this is a long way from printing out the kind of high-density computronium you get from TSMC, IBM and Intel, but you do get some nice benefits.  For one, no fab plant to send parts to.  While it’s entirely possible to fab low tech devices in, say, a pizza oven, organic semiconductors are going to be a better path for DIYers, due to the dramatically reduced overhead (if higher per-unit cost) and due to the lack of an anneal, which can be pretty hard to do with a pizza oven.  Also, all-low-temperature manufacture means you can mix the fabbing process with plastics and other delicate materials.

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  • This is awesome. Thank You to the moderators for allowing this to be posted, even if it is a step or two removed from "drones" proper (at least on the surface).

    For many applications, you do not need a million transistors, or a million pixels...

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