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  • That's what happens when you vote DF :P

  • Developer

    Over the years that DiyD has existed, the domain has been blocked about 3 times on my ISP in Norway. Not sure what it is that triggers the block, but solved in a couple of days each time after contacting them.

  • Funny. I thought the same about Slovakia ;-)

  • Moderator
    Something is rotten in the State of Denmark. :-)
  • There's something wrong in Denmark. Couldn't resist
  • Thanks Paolo,

    It does (and always has done) "automatically log in".

    But all my browsers are set that way and now it is working fine.

    Still, it is probably the seat of the problem with some mismatched timing dependency and when it recurs I will try turning auto login off.

    Best regards,


  • The problem seems to be with authentification. In browser where I have set automatickaly login  I always got error 500. When I open the page in different browser (without automatic login) the page is displayed without problems. And next when try to log in manually , browser got the error 500.

  • In Fort Bragg, California, over the past two weeks I have had several times where DIYDrones would not display it's base page on my computer in Chrome with an "unknown error 500".

    The periods of inoperability extended from one hour to all day.

    Interestingly, DIYDrones would still come up on Internet Explorer and on Firefox.

    And it would come up on our second computer in Chrome.

    I have made no changes, but this problem seems to have disappeared in the last few days.

    Maybe just my local servers, but definitely very odd.

  • MR60

    I can confirm that in Belgium/Europe was down (completely unreachable with "page can't be displayed" errors) from April 15th until April 18th sometime. It is now again accessible. Very very worrying that such a service provider like Ning has such long service unavailabilities. I hope they compensate their customer somehow.

  • 3D Robotics

    You can always see the Ning status here.  We had issues last week, but right now it's showing no problems and we haven't had any other reports of access problems over the past two days. 

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