DJI issues forced update to GO 4 app

3689717951?profile=originalAs some of you may be aware off, there have been a lot of modding/hacking activity with regard to DJI products lately. In what seems to be an response to this, DJI has just taken the unprecedented step of forcing an app update on all users not running the latest GO 4 v.4.1.3 version.

Personally I find this action worrying on many levels. Especially since the only information currently available regarding the forced update, and official statement from DJI is as follows.

Bugs fix

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  • Hi Enal, although there are other autopilots that will run ArduPilot (what you probably want), the best and best supported one is almost certainly the Pixhawk Cube from ProfiCNC,

    also look at the arducopter links at the top of this web site and you can try my site for some somewhat out of date information.

    Best regards,


    Pixhawk 2 - Pixhawk2
    Home of the Pixhawk 2
  • The recent updates has totally grounded my DJI fleet for my new UAV program and I am wanting to venture out into something new. Can someone point me to the correct forum to get the best info on the flight control system (PixHawk). I've been an RC Heli pilot since 1986 so I'm well versed in building & testing, but just need a little guidance.
  • Perhaps I should embellish my earlier comment.  The software is fine.  Pixhawk is fine.  But there isn't anybody making a non-MacGyver ground control station that you can fully program yourself.  (Yes, Futaba, I'm looking at you.  Who the hell needs a $3000 radio that you can't program?)

  • Well Gary that issue is a bigger concern. But no matter how big the fire lit under Ardupilot I just cannot see anyone offering systems that will makes people switch. I wish it were not so.
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    There is bigger COTs news coming that will light a fire under Ardupilot. Oh and this

    A Global Information Gathering Network for UAS – DJI data collection
    James Clapper said in a Guardian article : “In the future, intelligence services might use the [internet of things] for identification, surveillance,…
  • Solo has a hacker and hobbyist future. If you need to capture imagery for a living you simply are going to use DJI, forced updates and all. It really does not bother me TBH. I want DJI to makes these things idiot proof. If I want to fly recreationally Ardupilot and iNav are what I use.
  • @Gary McCary - all of the higher level functionality in the gimbal/gopro link/smartshots/wifi control/video etc is all proprietary.  There is no equivalent in ardupilot.  3dr do a disservice by not releasing this code to the tens of thousands of customers who bought the solo in good faith, as these components/functions can not be supported and improved by the community.  Presumably there are licensing/IPR issues around this that precludes their release.

    At least the great developers in the ardupilot community have got support for the solo into the latest version of ardupilot, so the craft itself at least has a future.

  • Hi Nikola and Dusan,

    The fact is that ArduPilot is the open source basis of all the code that the Solo uses.
    3DR took it off grid with some of the control stuff, but you will find most of it and better in the current versions of Arducopter. 
    And a live and vital development group continuously looking to improve and supplement it.

    Go look at the ArduPilot / Arducopter links at the top of this page.

    There is still plenty of development going on and there is even a special version of the Pixhawk 2 / Cube just to replace the Solo autopilot which actually adds functionality.

    I agree though that DJI has "Occupied" the Consumer photo video market, they have literally taken it over.

    They are now doing things to protect themselves from perceived liability by trying to prevent unauthorized software operation.

    If you want to do your own mods, DJI probably isn't best for you.

    Best Regards,


  • Unfortunately, I don't see this happening anytime soon. 3DR lost its bearings on consumable/prosumable  drone market. Even if they ever publish closed code ( highly doubtable, and why should they ) they will never go back in manufacturing. With all the money and resources they sunk in research and development they have responsibilities toward investors, and by publishing closed code only third parties would benefit. 

    Only chance is somebody fresh that can build on top of what is in public domain and be doing better job at manufacturing, distribution and support 

  • The 3DR Solo needs to get resurrected and fully open all the source code.  We can't have the COTS UAV community ruled by DJI.

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