DJI's new entry level Naza, The M lite.

Test Flight Video

I don't know how many of you fly with DJI's naza, With me coming for just using the kk2.5 this was quite the the upgrade and was price pretty well! Next time I will of course buy the APM2.6 or maybe even the pixhawk. For now I'm using the M lite for aerial video.

ONBOARD Flight footage (RAW)

as you can see I still have some vibrations I need to work out.


Here are some of the futures that are great to take advantage of.

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  • @John : The LED already on solid green before he take off the TBS, everything ok on 1st flight, disaster happen on 2nd flight, change the battery, wait until solid green led & home lock, and boom..weird!

    He always doing compass dancing every time before he flew the TBS @ the new spot based on this video tutorial  :

  • If you're flying with a GPS you are susceptible to fly aways. I had a fly away with an APM 2.5 because I didn't let the GPS lock the home location. It's not just NAZA but all flight controllers with a GPS.... just make sure you have a good lock before taking off for the first time. Most time it's user error or the user not knowing how the hardware/software work.

  • Beware of "fly away" issues...last week I saw my friend's TBS going crazy, fly away and lost..(the pilot not noob, compass dancing every time before he take off on the new spot) lost $950 without GoPro, blaahh! :(

    I think those FC has built in secret feature called "auto RTC", Return To China :|

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