Documentary Goes Missing


Last week I posted this link to a documentary video (Civilian Drones-Search and Rescue) in a comment to a blog post                      << Broken Link

I checked it a few days latter to see the stats and it was totally gone, I contacted the Producer and found out it was taken down by an unknown party.

It has been redone so if you missed it this link should be good for now!



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  • cnn just had story that faa letting him fly cant find link :}
  • I can't believe the FAA told the father why no exception could be granted to allow the UAS to be used to search for his missing child. Whoever you are at the FAA who took that call - you heartless, sick ********. Im glad the guy flew anyway.
  • WE have been working this same problem here in Florida--now we are at the point where we just fly it and don't ask. We are outlaws--very sad but I expect a showdown with the Government is not far away.

  • very excellent documentary ..

    New link...

  • Wow, unbelievable bureaucratic incompetence.  But also some awesome work getting done anyway.

  • These guys summeod it up. If this viseo were played on national TV, Fox news, for instance, and the FAA official was filmed & identified on TV, maybe that would get enough attention to change this idiotic policy by the FAA.
  • Thanks for posting this.

    They say common sense is not common,not a truer word said regarding the FAA.

  • Recommended and moving - A MUST SEE!!


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