Nowadays, agricultural drone sprayer has been used in many places to spray pesticides. In the past, the high-tech drones have become more and more grounded and entered the agricultural field. Some people say that the agricultural drone sprayer will replace the traditional sprayer for plant protection. Homework, reliable? Then come and analyze it for everyone today.


Traditional sprayer

When you mention a traditional knapsack hand sprayer, you might think of a picture: a person carrying a hand sprayer, pulling the rocker into the dosing box and repeating the action. it is really tough! This type of sprayer was developed in the 1930s. The effective utilization rate of pesticides is uneven and the spraying is uneven, resulting in a large amount of liquid medicine being wasted.

40%-60% of the liquid directly flows into the soil, and 5%-30% of the liquid is diffused into the air in a very misty form to float. Therefore, it also causes serious pollution to the environment; the most important point is that the traditional sprayer is low in safety because a large part of the liquid medicine floats in the air during the spraying process, and if the person touches or inhales for a long time, The health of the applicator causes great harm!

Agricultural drone sprayer:

High efficiency of spraying pesticides: Agricultural drone sprayer rotor produces downward airflow, turning the action leaves, the liquid is more easily infiltrated, can reduce the dosage of pesticides by more than 20%, and achieve the best spraying effect. The ideal flying height is 1-2. Meter, flying speed is less than 18 m / s. While greatly improving the efficiency of the work, it also achieves the insecticidal effect more effectively. For example: Taizy carries 10 kg of Agricultural drone sprayer, the daily workload can reach 20,000-30,000 square meters per day, which is 20-30 times of manual work, and the efficiency is greatly improved.

More uniform spray: Taizy Agricultural drone sprayer can now achieve no electricity, no medicine, anti-shipping, breakpoints, and automatic route planning. However, manpower dispensing requires constant replacement of the drug, and walking back and forth may cause local spray unevenness or heavy spray leakage.

Lower cost: Agricultural drone sprayer sprays pesticides are generally leased, according to the size of your planting area, compared to the labor costs are much lower.

Xiao Bian feels that China's Agricultural drone sprayer technology is now relatively mature, and the efficiency is high, the cost is low, and it will be widely popularized in the future.

In the end, no matter what the way, it is for our farmers to harvest, I hope that our agriculture can be better and better, our farmers' pockets are getting more and more drums!

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