DOT delays NPRM yet again.


This post is dull and only of interest to those in the USA. But if you are in the USA and want to fly commercially it should have your full attention.

The start of the rule making process that you have all been waiting on is pushed back to November of this year, maybe.

Not the first time this has happened, sUAS News has a count down timer which is in negative numbers from one of the previous dates two years ago.


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  • Maybe all the delays are strategic. Yesterday I flew my new Hubsan FPV micro quad (model 107D) and recorded video from its built-in camera. Takeoff weight, two ounces. Hazard to life/property, close to zero. Now, this miniaturized aircraft, control system and video system simultaneously leaves a lot to be desired and is very, very cool. Seems to me that's where all multicopters were at three years ago. 2017 is an eternity away. By then we may well see professional quality video capability and an array of autonomous features on multis weighing no more than this Hubsan. Which will make all of the safety concerns evaporate and will enable the FAA, to regard such multis with less concern than, say, baseballs, no doubt to their great relief.

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    Well they were really really really, cross my heart hope to die honest indian going to have it done by this spring. Patrick will have taken them at their word and is probably looking out of a window wistfully wondering how man can break his word. Perhaps gently rocking.

    The real clue is the first civil tests in 2017, they have given themselves time now. 

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    Patrick, the only thing that might even be remotely surprising here is that of all people you might be surprised by this new delay ;)

  • What happen to spring… WTF?!

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