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    First give a look at this guide:

    And if you are not able to run it open a thread on the forum, it's easier to help you there:

    Ground Control Station for Android Devices. Contribute to arthurbenemann/droidplanner development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • I'm trying to use Droidplanner but my xbee is no getting conected is there any drivers for android divices?

  • Arthur,

    Just to confirm that reading and analyzing Tlog files from DroidPlanner/ASUS TF-101 works perfect using MP. No doubt, it's a wonderful suite !!

  • Arthur,

    Yes, I did that before my mail but MP browser does not recognize such files even if they still there. Will check again and let you know.

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    You have to download the files into your computer and read them using mission planner.

  • Hi Arthur,

    I just started using DroidPlanner with my ASUS TF-101 , it works great. Is there a way to analyze tlog files created by DroidPlanner? 

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    That is very doable, and I can easily make the dialog pop when you select a waypoint on the map or on the left waypoint editor.

    Doing a editor like the one from MP should be hard to implement, since it's just a table. But again, we have to think that this should work on devices with smaller screens so a big table may not be the best option.

    Again , my statements are just observations , seen from a user viewpoint ,

    The user point of view is the most important, for who do you think he are building the app :)

    a user that does not necessarily  understand all the behind the scene workings of you program

    Nor should you, when we reach a nice state on the code you shouldn't need to know any of the inner workings of the program. It should just work intuitively.

    or even how to do any of it

    You may not know how to program, but as you demonstrate above you have a good idea of what you want. And that is very helpful. 

    Normally when I'm programming I don't take the time to design a nice U.I., and just jump to the code (I know it's wrong). That's why sometimes you get a horrible UI, that hopefully get's improved in later releases. And most times I get  stuck, exactly in the part of thinking on how to implement the UI.

    Finally: Thanks for the help so far, and if it isn't asking too much: Could you push your ideas of how to implement the waypoint editor to issue #22? That way any developer that will work on that part of the code will also get your message.

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    one thing I missed was the ability to tell the drone when it reached a way-point to LoiterT (time) . Saw it there though but no way to set time ?

    The waypoint editor is still in development, currently you can change the parameters of a waypoint (that's where it saves the data). The main problem is to define a good interface for editing the waypoint parameters, and also to seek a way to define what each parameter (there are for possible parameters for each waypoint).

    Should we have a general window with 4 fields where the user just put a numeric value? Or do we want specific dialog for each kind of waypoint? Or maybe a generic dialog for similar waypoints (loiterN, loiterT, ...)? Do we even want to do it in a dialog (a dialog is one of those windows that pop up), or we may have a better interface?

    Since I normally just fly with standard waypoints I don't know what is the best approach on how to do it, do you want to help?

    This is the issue where we discuss the waypoint editor, as you can see it has been open 4 months ago. Definitely its a thing we need to get right before releasing a v1.0.0.

    Went to your page/Wiki and could not find anything ...?

    First let me just put a link so anyone passing by can see what we are discussing about:

    I know that having a user guide is important, but at least for me the app is at a point that is better to just devote my energy to make it simpler to use instead of writing a guide on how to use it. If I had more time I  could do it, but managing the developers, developing, getting feedback from users and publishing new releases already takes a huge amount of time. As you said it would be nice to have someone writing a guide, but the only thing I can do is wait for a volunteer.

    I also have an issue open about this (this one is 5 months old):

    As you can see I already added the pages, a table of contents, and even screenshots. Here is an example page:

  • Arthur that would be amazing!!!!!!!!

  • Developer

    @Michael and  Mike T

    I'm happy to say you are almost wrong Mike.

    I don't know if you guys have noticed the Chart screen, in there you can view real-time signals. I haven't added accel/gyro values, but that's should be an easy addition.

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