DroidPlanner 2 - Official Stable Release


It is our pleasure to announce the first public release of DroidPlanner 2.0 on the Google Play Store.  It represents a complete rethinking of the way users interact with autonomous aircraft.  

The goal was to simplify workflows, provide more glanceable information and increase overall reliability for the most common user interactions. The biggest changes are as follows:

  • Completely redesigned graphical user interface

  • Mission editing including survey

  • Quick actions including Land and Loiter

  • In-app RC Radio Configuration

  • Phone-specific layout

  • Improved Guided Mode

  • Dialog for Bluetooth device selection

In DroidPlanner 2.0 you’ll find two primary screens for interaction: Telemetry and Planning.  From the telemetry screen you can quickly assess overall aircraft health and what it is doing.  You can also enter Guided mode at your current altitude with a long press--give it a try!  Other quick actions from the Telemetry screen include Land, Home (RTL), and Loiter.

The Planning screen has been redesigned to allow users to quickly make and manage simple missions while at home or in the field.  Takeoff, Waypoint, Land, and Survey are currently supported, with more mission construction elements coming soon.

You’ll find some features left out from the original DroidPlanner.  They will be added back in soon after thorough testing.  Notably, plane support, more mission items, improvements to Follow-Me, and more support for in-flight tuning are around the corner.

Special thanks to all the devs, including Azrin, Rob, Fredia, Paku, David, and Jason.

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Find some Frequently Asked Questions here.

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  • Just check first OTG support on your phone.

    (OTG  = "on the go" HOST / DEVICE usb mode switching)

    You can check with ordinary USBstick flash drive.

    Note miniUSB-to-USB adapter must also support OTG

    Here is picture illustrating difference between OTG and regular adapter schematic

  • Awesome answer, I can't wait to try!  Waiting on replacement motors on a slow boat from China.

  • I use it on Android tablet with 3DRadio kit (433mHz but this is no difference with 915)...

    More important: First your tablet/phone MUST support USB HOST function to work with 3DR. you also would need microUSB to USB adapter with HOST function. If you plug usb flash stick drive in your tablet via this adapter and can open and view content of the USB stick flash drive  with file explorer then, congratulations, your tablet/phone  supports USB HOST.

    Just plug 3DRadio kit via this usb adapter.. Application chooser menu must be rised when virtual com port (VCP) connected. If not (as happened with my tablet ) then shut down phone/tablet and reboot it with 3DR plugged in while reboot. When reboot complete reconnect 3DR again. This time application chooser menu will rise up. Just select DP2 to handle this action (VCP connection).  Now each time you plug 3DR, DP2 will be activated automatically... Untill next tablet reboot... This reboot with 3DR plugged in was most tricky thing to figure out.

  • Can DP2 communicate over the 3DR radio frequencies, or is it limited to Bluetooth?  I was using Bluetooth until I got frustrated by the limited range and switched to 915Mhz radios and a laptop.  I miss the portability of the Bluetooth and DroidPlanner, but at least I don't have to worry about range any more.  A blending of portability and range would be very nice to have.  Am I missing it somewhere?  Can I plug the 915Mhz radio into my smart phone and use DroidPlanner 2?

  • Hi Arthur, I have been using Droidplanner 2 using Acer tablet. It is one of the best and very powerful apps for Arducopter. I just have one question...i understand that in Guided Mode, the copter ALTITUDE starts from its Loiter position.  How can i change its altitude from one Guided points to another? Or, can i change altitude in flight? Thanks.

  • hello today i  arrived my  ipega controller  and  i m  already  see this  video  from using this controller with be pop drone  could  let  me  use this controller  with droid planner  

    is in roadmap software any   video in fiddle  like bepod 

    finaly look this  controller how is  very usefull with any  android tablet phone or

    thanks  a really good works 

  • I wonder if the off-line maps setup is the same for DP1....rather clumsy!?

    Might it be possible (soon) to save map tiles directly from within DP without having to use a PC? Hope so!

  • Moderator

    Perhaps I'm being a little stupid here but how do you save a changed parameter?

    After changing a parameter I have this screen:


    If I exit this screen the parameter is not saved and there's no save or write button so is there some magic involved or secret trick to write a changed parameter?

    While editing there's a 'Next' button, not sure why, I don't want to go to the next parameter, I just want to save/write the current one?


  • Once again, many thanks, Tested with beta, Layout is OK  on my device now.

This reply was deleted.