A very Successful test of the DroidPlanner Android App, connected through a 3DR Radio Kit and the 3DR APM2.5

Before taking off, I ensured that there is a proper connection between the APM and the Tablet and that both devices's GPS is locked. Then I take the drone up and put it in Loiter mode.

Follow Mode must be activated in the Settings of the app first. Then I turn on Follow mode. Warning, before turning on Follow Mode, make sure your transmitter is set to Loiter and that the throttle is up and not zero. Then remember to set the default height, I set mine to 6m in this video. The default is 100m so be careful otherwise your drone will shoot straight up.

I am extremely pleased with the performance of the follow mode, it works very well!

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    We just need to find a way to implement it. Here is a discussion about a similar topic:


  • Very nice!  Would it also be possible to let it follow your path instead of taking shortest way ?


  • Congratulations Arthur. Can't wait to test it. I'll report you my experirnces. Thanks for your great GCS.

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    If anyone want's to download DroidPlanner here is the link:


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    Currently it will not adjust it's altitude while following you. It just goes to your current GPS location with the default height. It'll adjust the speed since it always try to go over you, it's like in auto mode, the further away the copter is from you the faster it goes.

    There is some interesting features that will show up in the near future, so it's easier to do things like filming a person on a bike (and also make it more safe).

  • Also, could you have settings to where it do not trail you but rather flew closer to you, perhaps even above you?

  • Awesome. Question for you. Say you were going down a hill or a mountainside on a bike. Will the craft follow and adjust elevation as well as follow your path? Will is adjust its speed to match your speed in case you speed up or slow down?


  • Does the the link you are using get 5v from your tablet?

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