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  • ... Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking (if you like her music or not, it is a great piece of talking)

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    @ titeuf007

    It's just a small incentive, and at about 2% of a new APM kit it may be at a good spot on the offer& demand curve. I'm more happy to receive a good review, or a detailed bug report than to receive the $2 bucks.

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    @c j g:

    Yes, even if we are not working on the same app we help each other. Knowing that Andropilot has something new just generates a itch to implement something similar. And because it is open I can go take a look at the implementation, and even ask Kevin for some help.

  • you should ask s nothing for all you great working

  • ... kevin is always very helpful. I just like your both projects, because this is, what open source meant to be ... so i don't know, if the word "friendship-competition" does exist, but in my understanding it is a good force for developments ...

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    Kevin has been very helpful explaining some of his implementations on Andropilot.

  • wow, nice user base, cool ... your friendship-competition with andropilot is a cool thing ... keep on rolling ... still waiting for video-screen, but seeing only $80, i think i will have to wait longer, but no problem, i am quit conscientiously patient ;)

  • rats! I've forgotten to get the donate version, will do that right away. I can sure with all 1000 users, we can boost that $80 a little :-)

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    I'm doing the project as for my EE degree, the donations are just an extra so no problems there. The most useful thing I can receive is the feedback from the users, and people joining the development.

  • Man I cannot believe you've only received $80 in donations! If every one of those downloaders sent you a couple of bucks you would have at least gotten something worthwhile for your efforts. I am really ashamed at the users for being so dam cheap! Do you track how many users are actually using the software versus those that just wanted to try it out? Come on guys, this is a great product and it would help the community a lot if more of us would chip in a few dollars for all of the great work donated by these developers....

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