DroidPlanner Telemetry Bluetooth Bridge

bt_bridge_1.jpgPleased with the way this has turned out for a Saturday project :-)

It compliments Arthur Benemanns DroidPlanner app to give a wireless link between the aircrafts radio and a Bluetooth connection to the Android tablet.

  • Its fitted with a 1000mah LiPo battery and charge circuit which is chargeable by a small USB slot at the bottom of the unit.
  • Ultrabright LEDs for the power and Bluetooth link for sunny days.
  • BT LED blinks when there is no connection and goes solid when connection is made.


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  • Great work! Any more details on what hardware etc you used? Bluetooth module?
  • +1 -Build and sell!

  • Steve, great work... been meaning to do this as well.  Count me in...

  • Any tablet that has bluetooth and runs Android OS. The tablet featured is the Google Nexus 7.
  • hat kind of tablet?

  • You can make your own telemetry modules, you need two

    HopeRF HM-TRP modules and suitable circuitry to power them. Then run on 3.3V, will need a bluetooth module that is 3.3V for the ground station. 

    It's easier to make a ground station one up  ( so you can use UART) and buy the air module. 

    Firmware code

  • This is excellent, count me in!

    Is 3DR 433mhz compatible though ?

  • T3

    It might be worth 3D printing a case for it.

  • Perfect timing!

    I was just about to research on how to get my kindle fire HD to display data while flying as i don't want to lug around a laptop!

    Im a new user to APM, so i have no telementry just yet! A DIY would be amazing if you can sort one out? Make sure you leave a paypal link so we can donate!
  • Admin


    Sure,why not. Any serial comm device that does not require any device driver should work IMO.

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